Malaysian Twitter users came together to help man who ruined wife's new white blouse in the wash

You know how mum always says to separate the whites from colours. Seems like this guy missed the memo. 

A Malaysian man by the name of Adli Amirullah (@AdliAmirullah) was in dire need of help after he ruined his wife's white laundry in the wash — he had tossed in a red shirt.

What was once a spotless white blouse had since been dyed in unsightly hues of pink.

His desperate call for help went out on Twitter on Wednesday (Oct 29) when he discovered the state of his wife's blouse, with a caption that reads: "Guys, I need help. I accidentally washed my wife's new white blouse with his new red's blouse. And now the white blouse became pink! I have not told her this yet. Trying to solve first. HELP"

Things got even direr the more he tweeted about the situation. His wife had specifically bought a new white blouse because she didn’t have one in her closet. She even sent him a message asking him about the new blouse as she couldn’t find it. 

Following the tweet, netizens went on to give suggestions as to how Adli could still rectify the issue.

"You first soak in warm water, a little Clorox, soap. Let's see first." PHOTO: Twitter/nitqoje
"Buy a new one. But try soaking in Clorox first" PHOTO: Twitter/irah_yatt

Determined to fix the issue, he decided to heed the most popular advice: soaking the stained blouse in a mixture of Clorox and soap. 

After giving it a good wash, he found that the colour did not budge at all. 

Even so, the netizens continued to suggest what he should have done in the first place. Some recommended a different solution of removing the pink stain while several others gave him tips on how he should do the laundry. 

"Omg, you've wasted your money! Should've used soap and soak the blouse overnight. The next day, continue to wash in the washing machine. I've tried this one on my hubby's white shirt that has turned yellow and is effectively brand new." PHOTO: Twitter/_diyana7
"Another solution, try washing with a bar of soap... or you can try tossing it in the washing machine.. try steeping it in water for a while and then wash it, as usual, using detergent..." PHOTO: Twitter/izzxti_zxti
PHOTO: Twitter/NBusero

Others had pointed out that he would have solved this issue easily by buying his wife a brand new blouse. Along with some romantic gestures to appease her.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter
PHOTO: Twitter/Just_Bella22

Having given up on clearing the stains, Adli went on a wild hunt at a mall in a bid to replace the blouse without raising any suspicions. Thankfully, he managed to find the white blouse, which was apparently the last one in stock. 

In the end, he came clean with his wife about the shenanigans. She was fine with everything — except for the fact that he went to the mall without her.