Malaysian postman shares videos of very friendly doggo who retrieves owner's mail from him

PHOTO: Facebook / Munir Mohd

It’s a feud as old as time — postal workers and dogs just don’t go well together. 

Not only did one postman managed to overcome the long-existing hostility between the canine species and his profession, but he even managed to form a partnership with one while making his rounds in Lenggong, a town in Perak, Malaysia. 

It has been four years since Malaysian postman Mohd Munir Mohd Yusof befriended the pet dog of a Kampung Sira resident. Without fail, the dog would retrieve the mail from Munir and deliver it to its owner. 

According to Malay Mail’s report about the adorable friendship, it took some time for the dog to get used to Munir at first. Speaking to the publication, the 29-year-old postman said that the dog was initially quite fierce and would growl at him when he first started his rounds in the area four years ago. 

“But after a week, it changed its attitude and started taking mail from me,” he told Malay Mail. “Maybe he got used to me coming to the house almost everyday.” 

Munir even posted videos on Facebook showing how the dog would come to his motorbike and take the mail off his hands. 

Selamat Pagi Gais....mmg jinak dh 4 tahun knl...hahahah....tugas dye mmg ambil surat....

Posted by Munir Mohd on Thursday, July 16, 2020

Contrary to what some people believe, Munir affirmed that he did not bribe the dog with food. The routine has between the two has been so ingrained that the dog would either be waiting outside the house or at the gates to grab the mail. The canine would even “scold” its owner if the mail was directly passed to the owner. 

Selamat pagi smua....anjing tgu khadiran posmen brsma tuan rumah...

Posted by Munir Mohd on Sunday, July 19, 2020

Throughout his eight years on the job, Munir said that it was the first time he'd encountered such an approachable dog.