Man who was part of long Ikea queue snaps at online critics, curses Covid-19 on them

PHOTO: Twitter / @infernoxv; Facebook / All Singapore Stuff

Big crowds are a big no-no in this current climate, but that didn’t stop throngs of people from forming long snaking lines last weekend outside the two Ikea outlets in Singapore. 

Right before the month-long closures of schools and most workplaces on Tuesday (Apr 7), folks used their last free weekend in the great outdoors, waiting to grab themselves some Swedish modernist furniture. 

Photos of the Ikea-loving mob went up on social media, and so did comments chastising the people in the queue for being kiasu and creating a higher risk of coronavirus infection. There is a reason why social distancing is now part of the law.

Amidst all the criticism and mockery that ensued on social media, it seems that the trigger has been triggered. In an Instagram Story rant, a man who admitted to being one of the people in line at Ikea last weekend had some vicious words to say to his detractors. 

“Those that question why people go to Ikea before the lockdown… Shut the f*** up and just pray you (are) not the one [who will] get infected lah. Care so much for f***… So annoying everywhere also Ikea memes,” he wrote. 

He went on to explain that the reason for the long queues was that the single entrance into the Ikea outlet (he did not mention which) was small, and staff members were conducting rigorous crowd control. “Hence the queue lah dumb f***s,” he wrote. 

Oh yes, he certainly snapped. The man went on to spew even more hostility towards commenters. 

“Wanna get furniture on a normal day wrong meh? Against the law meh? Got disrupt your f***ing pathetic life meh? F*** you lah.” 

The icing on the obscenity-laden cake is his wish for the coronavirus to hit anyone who dared to criticise him and his fellow Ikea queuers. 

“Comment so much maybe the Covid-19 should strike you and your loved ones. Toxic f***ers.” 

Well, that was certainly… interesting. His Instagram page has since been taken down from the public eye, but All Singapore Stuff uploaded a screenshot of his bitter post on Facebook.

PHOTO: Facebook / All Singapore Stuff

Netizens had a field day with the man’s fiercely held opinions of course. 

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

While there’s nothing wrong in purchasing necessary homeware from Ikea before the circuit breaker measures hit, queuing up en masse is objectively questionable during a highly infectious virus outbreak, especially when the company has a little something called an online store which offers delivery services

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