Mediacorp is looking to hire a Meme-in-Chief who'll get paid to craft memes on a full-time basis

Mediacorp is looking to hire a Meme-in-Chief who'll get paid to craft memes on a full-time basis
PHOTO: Screengrab/LinkedIn/Mediacorp

UPDATE: Article amended to reflect that aspiring professional meme-makers can craft memes using any Mediacorp content

It’s been a tough market for jobs considering everything that’s going on in the world right now, but if you’re well-versed with internet funnies and social media, you could actually be a professional memelord for Mediacorp. 

The national public broadcaster is looking to employ a full-time Meme-in-Chief, or rather, a Social Community Manager. The job will mainly involve managing Mediacorp’s social media channels and engaging with audiences, but there would be a need to proactively craft and post funny memes — all part of the company’s new Memediacorp initiative.

Interested candidates will have to create Mediacorp’s social persona and advocate the brand, of course, so it won’t just involve random internet humour and corporate s***posting. It’s an entry-level position too, though the candidate will be required to have at least two years of experience in managing social media. 

To give an idea on what the position will entail, candidates will have to submit an original meme (an image, gif or video) revolving around any original Mediacorp show. 

“Memediacorp is about taking what you know about Mediacorp and putting a lighthearted spin on it. After all, we’re in the business of entertainment," noted Oliver Chong, Mediacorp’s Head of Marketing and Communications.

"By leveraging our own proprietary content for the memes, we’re hoping to engage with younger audiences in ways that naturally appeal to them and show that we don’t mind taking ourselves less seriously sometimes.”


When queried about the job listing, the founder and administrator of prominent local meme page Kiasu Memes for Singaporean Teens (KMFST) responded to us with this:

On a more serious note, the KMFST founder noted to AsiaOne that it’s a step in the right direction. 

“Go where the content is,” he said. “If the name of the game is memes, gotta do memes.” 

As a media company with hundreds of TV shows under the brand, it would seem that Mediacorp is trying to go for a vibe that’s relatable to the young Gen Z crowd, who pretty much consume memes on a daily basis. For comparison, Netflix Singapore saw memes as marketing language way before Mediacorp, judging from the effectiveness of their social media engagement. 


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