Memes that appeared on day 1 of Malaysia's coronavirus lockdown

Memes that appeared on day 1 of Malaysia's coronavirus lockdown
PHOTO: Facebook / Harapan Memes

One day down, the rest of the month to go.

Yesterday (March 18) marked the first day of the coronavirus-induced lockdown in Malaysia, where the usually bustling streets, roads and tourist spots have been eerily desolate

The lockdown — or rather, the “movement control order” — prohibits Malaysian citizens from travelling overseas as well as attending gatherings, including religious activities, funerals and weddings. Police officers are out on the streets to enforce the law, dispersing gatherings and advising non-essential businesses to suspend operations.

"Within the period of two weeks, all of you and your children should spend more time at home,” Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin appealed to citizens in a telecast address. “Just stay at home. No need to go out anywhere.”

But being forced to stay at home is not much of an issue really when you have the whole world wide web to explore. Things are looking a bit grim in the country with 790 Covid-19 cases so far, so any smidgen of levity is appreciated.

Thus, memes.

Take a gander below at some of the best ones that’ve popped up recently. 

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