Meta's next VR headset, Quest Pro, leaks in unofficial video ahead of launch

Meta's next VR headset, Quest Pro, leaks in unofficial video ahead of launch
PHOTO: Twitter/WalkingCat

It has happened many times, and it will happen again. Leaked visuals have become commonplace within the tech landscape, and the latest member to succumb to unofficial reveals is the Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset.

The device was shown off in the flesh in a Facebook video posted by one Ramiro Cardenas, who claims that it was left in a hotel room (via Reddit).


In it, the user is seen removing the packaging to reveal a black headset and controller, which resemble the Project Cambria design that Meta has been teasing since late last year.

The Meta Quest Pro label is stamped on the top-left corner, with a close-up shot showing a fine print that reads "Not for sale – engineering sample".

The headset boasts three cameras on its front, while the controllers seem to have ditched the tracking rings and hollowed-out loop design.

Cardenas confirmed to The Verge that the person who had stayed in the room have already claimed the headsets.

The video surfaced one month ahead of Meta's Connect event on October 11, which lines up with the timeline offered by CEO Mark Zuckerberg on when the next VR headset will be revealed.

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The Facebook Reel video isn't available for viewing anymore, but it can still be accessed on Cardenas' page.

Alternatively, you may check out some of the screenshots below:

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