Microsoft app now lets you copy and paste between Samsung Galaxy phones and Windows 10 PCs

Microsoft app now lets you copy and paste between Samsung Galaxy phones and Windows 10 PCs
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If you've a recent Samsung Galaxy phone, you'd have noticed that it came pre-loaded with several Microsoft apps, including one called 'Your Phone Companion'.

The app behind the Link to Windows feature and shortcut you see in your Quick Settings panel, this companion app for the Your Phone PC app lets you quickly connect your handset to your Windows 10 PC to access your text messages, notifications and photos.

While the app also works with other Android phones, thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and Samsung, the exclusive Link to Windows integration offers more features on a Galaxy phone.

For instance, Phone Screen, which allows you to interact with your favourite Android apps and your phone content directly on your PC is only supported on 26 devices - and they're all Galaxy devices.

Now, the list of Link to Windows features has been growing, and for those who missed it, if you've a One UI 2.1-running Galaxy phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra or Galaxy Z Flip, you can now copy and paste across devices too.

To allow this, simply fire up the Your Phone app on your PC and toggle the setting under Settings > Cross-device copy and paste.

Your PC also needs to be running the Windows April 10, 2018 Update.

Take note though: If you've allowed your devices to sync over mobile data, this will eat into your mobile data if your devices aren't connected to a Wi-Fi network.

For users in regions in which their mobile operators support RCS (Rich Communication Service), the latest update also allows them to use the app to send and receive RCS messages.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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