The (moderate) rush back to McDonald's, as depicted on social media

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

McDonald’s is officially open for business islandwide after three weeks of closure, and considering our peculiar obsession with the fast-food chain, it’s safe to presume that Singaporeans will be making a beeline to its outlets today (May 11). 

Knowing this, the Golden Arches urged customers not to make a mad rush back for its delivery, takeaway and drive-through services. 

"We hope you'll understand as this allows us to reduce the number of crew members in our restaurants and lets our more senior staff stay safely at home,” wrote McDonald’s Singapore in a Facebook post yesterday.

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McDonald's resumes delivery, takeaway and drive-through services in S'pore; most outlets to open from 7am to 9pm
McDonald's resumes delivery, takeaway and drive-through services in S'pore; most outlets to open from 7am to 9pm

The company suspended its entire operations country-wide for the first time ever on April 19 as a “preventative action in the fight against Covid-19”. 

That, plus the fact that seven of its employees who had been deployed across nine different outlets were found infected with the virus. 

Seeing how a significant portion of Singaporeans acted during the abrupt closures of bubble tea outlets, netizens were already priming themselves for any potential bouts of public kerfuffle revolving around McDonald’s in the oncoming days. 

"mcdonalds reopens on 11 May"

— YEOLO™ (@tzehern_) May 10, 2020

McDonalds opens *today but please RELAXXXXXXX

— Fakkah Fuzz (@FakkahFuzz) May 10, 2020
Screengrab / Twitter

So far, there hasn’t been much trouble — though it's clear that people did miss the Golden Arches enough to form modest queues at various outlets, including drive-ins. 

Guess who's back?

Posted by Legit Singapore on Sunday, 10 May 2020

Situation at McDonald’s Punggol Safra Drive-Thru Thanks to a friend of our page for sharing

Posted by Singapore Atrium Sale on Sunday, 10 May 2020

A quick visit to an outlet at Buangkok Square Mall also revealed that things weren’t unruly at all. Folks patiently queued up and quietly adhered to safety measures, including temperature taking, safe distancing and SafeEntry registrations.

PHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas SholihynPHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas SholihynPHOTO: AsiaOne / Ilyas Sholihyn

On the McDelivery website though, things look a lot more hectic. The company put in place an online queue system so the site won’t be overwhelmed with traffic.

Screengrab / McDelivery

But overall, people were happy to welcome back the taste of McDonald’s once again after they managed to jump through all the hoops.

The resumption of the fast-food chain’s delivery, takeaway and drive-through services comes amid Singapore’s easing of tightened Covid-19 circuit breaker measures, which is expected to be lifted come June 1.

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