National Stadium will turn into a zombie-infested battlefield come Oct

PHOTO: Video screengrab

Big enough to house 35 sports fields, the Singapore Sports Hub has played host to multiple entertainment and sporting events, from Ed Sheeran concerts to the Southeast Asian Games in 2015.

Now, imagine that massive arena being turned into a zombie-infested theatre of war. 

But think less Resident Evil and more Dead Rising. This October, the National Stadium will transform into a post-apocalypse-themed Nerf battleground in Zedtown Asia: Battle of Singapore. It’s being touted as Asia’s first zombie survival game organised by Zedtown, a live-action role-playing event that has seen thousands of participants across Australia and USA running and gunning for survival since 2012. 

“Following the success of Zedtown across Australia and America, we’re delighted to bring this ever-popular zombie survival live gameplay to Singapore at one of Asia’s most iconic stadiums,” enthused Zedtown Managing Director Andrew Garrick, adding that it’ll be the event’s most unique iteration yet.

Tickets to Zedtown Asia: Battle for Singapore have gone live! Choose your fate - will you fight or take flight? The Zombie Apocalypse awaits. Get your tickets at now! #zedtownsg

Posted by Zedtown on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Here’s the Singapore-themed storyline: 

“The latest instalment of Zedtown will see Singapore in a simulated complete State of Emergency. With Zombies having almost taken over, rumours of a Final Resort sweep across the land like the smell of durian at peak season. It is said that the powerful and privileged live in the splendour of a posh barricaded condo, free from the Zombie horde. Their enigmatic leader, Count Mah Nee, has called on remaining Survivors to battle each other and Zombies for a chance to join him in the Final Resort.” 

Tired of shooting zombies on the screen? Well, the Zombie Apocalypse is fast approaching! Get your Nerf Blasters ready and join us in the Battle for Singapore! #zedtownsg

Posted by Zedtown on Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Really though, it’s all just an excuse for you to cock your (toy) guns and blast costumed actors at the National Stadium. Or you could always give in to the darkness and be on the side of the undead. There’ll be a day session and a night session on the event day on Oct 26, and we imagine each will hold different zombie-hunting experiences. 

Photo: Zedtown Asia

It’s proper apocalyptic fun for three hours that starts at $40 (if you’d rather be a zombie) or $60 if you want to start off as a gun-toting survivor. VIP tickets are pricier and start from $120, but like pay-to-win mechanics, VIP players get boosted with more Nerf ammo, a chance to respawn after dying, specialist abilities, and exclusive missions. Unfortunately, participants have to be 18 and above to play, so there's no chance to bust open zombie brains with your wee toddlers. 

Photo: Zedtown Asia

More ticketing details available on the Sports Hub website