New telco Gorilla Mobile launches in Singapore, converts unused data to offset bills

New telco Gorilla Mobile launches in Singapore, converts unused data to offset bills
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Gorilla Mobile, a new telco startup with its unique service-on-demand model and blockchain Switchback feature, has officially launched in Singapore.

The only Gorilla Mobile SIM plan that they’re offering right now is the ‘Gorilla Switch25‘ which includes 20 GB of local mobile data, 100 minutes of call time, 100 SMS for S$25, and their proprietary SwitchBack feature powered by blockchain technology.

The first of its kind, the function essentially allows users to ‘switch back’ any unused mobile data into GO Tokens that can be used to offset bills, convert to travel roaming data, dial international calls, or share with other Gorilla Mobile users.

Some of these services are even available to non-Gorilla Mobile users through their mobile app, which means that if you have converted some of your unused data into $5 worth of GO Tokens, you can send them to your friends or families who aren’t Gorilla Mobile subscribers to use for travel roaming or international call services. These GO Tokens do not expire.

Besides travel roaming data and IDD calls, they will also offer Digital Office Telephony in Q4 2021 that allows users to transfer calls overseas or purchase overseas number through their app.

Other than their individual plans, the telco also aims to focus on their corporate plans for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Corporate Individual Schemes (CIS) that require frequent travelling or spend most of their time connected to Wi-Fi.

Gorilla Mobile relies on M1 as its host Mobile Network Operator for network coverage.

From June 18 to Aug 18, 2021, Gorilla Mobile is offering a Bill Difference Reward as their pre-launch special promotion for new users. The Bill Difference Reward will let new users claim up to S$50 based on the price difference of their old mobile plan and the new S$25 Gorilla Switch25 plan.

You can sign up for their plans now on Gorilla Mobile.

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