Nexus 6 teardown reveals legion of screws inside

SINGAPORE - The folks over at, which rates how "repairable" gadgets are by tearing them apart, have published their report on the Google Nexus 6 teardown.

The Nexus 6, Google's phablet sporting a 5.94-inch screen, gets a "repairability" score of 7 out of 10, on a par with the iPhone 6 Plus, its iOS rival from Apple.

Although there are no screws visible from the outside, the Nexus 6 actually sports 22 screws holding the two halves of the phone together (not counting the back cover, as it's basically just that - a cover). The screws can be seen after the back cover is removed.

iFixit reports that the adhesive securing the back cover is relatively mild, and the back cover can be peeled up without too much trouble.

An interesting find - the circular lens cover acts as a light guide for the dual-LED flash, with the whole assembly mimicking a ring flash.

Google, which announced the Nexus 6 in the middle of last month, began shipping out pre-orders early this month.