NSFs ORD-ing in 2020 get shout-out from adult-film actor Johnny Sins, who even says 'ORD loh'

PHOTO: Instagram screengrab, Flickr/Gramicidin

It’s been a very strange year so far and 2020 just got a bit more absurd after Johnny Sins — a world-renowned actor in a specialised industry — yelled out “Hormat NS, ORD oh”.

The 41-year-old adult-film performer was hired to do a shout-out to those who’ve finished their stint in National Service (or as Johnny puts it, “mandatory army conscription”) this year. 

He congratulated all former full-time National Servicemen (NSFs) for completing their two-year service and wished them luck for future endeavours in university. 

He ended the clip with a salute to National Service, saying "ORD oh" — the common exclamation of "ORD loh" that's familiar to anyone who has served before. ORD, or Operationally Ready Date, is when a Singaporean male ends his compulsory service to the nation. 

The veteran actor also thanked a Jack Pollard, who presumably was the one who got him to perform the shout-out. It costs US$109 (S$150) to request one from Johnny via Cameo, where the actor appropriately lists himself as everyone’s favourite doctor, lawyer, teacher, astronaut, and plumber — his past acting roles. 

Cameo is a service where the public can hire celebrities to record personalised video messages. There’s an Asian equivalent to the service too called Authentic Celebrity Experiences (ACE), where you can hire local celebrities like Gurmit Singh and Xiaxue to deliver personal shout-outs. 

It wouldn’t be Johnny's first brush with Singaporean customers, too. Back in June, the man congratulated the 2020 cohort from the National University of Singapore, telling graduates to follow their heart and get a career that they love so they’ll never feel like they’re working. 

“Kinda like I do,” said Johnny, who indeed appeared to be very happy in the 2,300 videos he performed in throughout his illustrious career.