Portrait of Keanu Reeves in Singapore restaurant leaves Redditors thirsty for more than Thai milk tea

Singapore, also known as the food nation, offers an extensive range of food options which would not disappoint any foodies in the Lion City.

First Thai — situated in the swanky Purvis Street — would just happen to be one of them, with its walls covered in Thai memorabilia. Which is always a good sign for any Thai food joint. 

PHOTO: Facebook/May Wong

A portrait of a young Keanu Reeves had been brought to light by Redditor @--justin- in a Reddit post today (Nov 25) — a portrait that was hanging at that very restaurant. 

The user wrote about having recently visited First Thai, where a painting of the 55-year-old (who knows for sure; he's immortal) Matrix and John Wick actor stood out amongst the other pictures.

What makes it funnier is that the painting appears to be a replica of an old Keanu Reeves poster. 

PHOTO: Reddit via --justin-- and Total-Khaos

The post incited a divided response from the netizens, with some getting thirsty for more than just Thai milk tea. Reeves played the role of Gautama Buddha in Bernardo Bertolucci's drama flick, Little Buddha, back in 1993, which is presumably why his likeness is hanging on the Thai restaurant's wall. 

It's a role that had him topless most of the time, by the way. Which should explain the thirst. 

PHOTO: Reddit screengrab
PHOTO: Reddit screengrab

Others were questioning his ancestry lineage and pointed out "how racially ambiguous he looks". To be fair, the man does have Asian roots.

PHOTO: Reddit screengrab

On the other side of the debate, some netizens couldn't fathom how Keanu Reeves has been glorified in a Thai restaurant due to a certain role he had played in one of his films. 

PHOTO: Reddit screengrab
PHOTO: Reddit screengrab

Or it could be that the restaurant just thinks he's an all-round good dude. Which he totally is, by the way