Premium Bandai is launching an official Pokedex smartphone case, but only for iPhones

Finally, a smartphone case fit for the very best like no one ever was. Premium Bandai has acceded to years of fan requests and announced today (Oct 7) an official case that can turn your smartphone into a very real-looking Pokedex from the original Pokemon games. 

I mean sure, there have been dozens of other smartphone cases that have tried to replicate the iconic red handheld device Pokemon trainers used to catalogue their captured critters in Japan's Kanto region. It’s likely that none of them come close to the look and feel of what Bandai is releasing in March next year.

From the looks of the product images, it’ll make your smartphone a lot less pocketable — ironic, considering the “pocket” in “pocket monsters”. But hey, anything to push all your nostalgia buttons. 

PHOTO: Premium Bandai via NintendoSoup

NintendoSoup reported that the case is suitable for an iPhone X. It might even be able to fit iPhones 6 to 8, although the case might cover up the microphones and flashlights. Weirdly enough, it won’t be compatible with the new iPhone 11 series or any other non-Apple smartphones. There goes fans' dream of playing Pokemon Red or Blue on an emulator with the Pokedex case on. 

The case will be launched in Japan first in March 2020, but international pre-orders are now live on the NintendoSoup store