The pros and cons of streaming services

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Let’s admit it; streaming services have made this year bearable. While we’ve weaved them into our daily lives, we should also acknowledge the pros and cons that streaming services bring to our big picture. Read on!

As always, technology continues to shape the way we consume content.

So much HD content is now available at our fingertips; a luxury that veteran internet users will value after years of rummaging the internet for reliable and trustworthy streaming websites but ending up with some questionable pop-ups. Much relate?

In a scenario such as the lockdown, the presence of streaming services has undeniably been a blessing.

As we continue to mostly live an indoors-y life out of necessity, TV series and movies have become our easy escape out of our limiting four walls.

While we should feel privileged to have such easy access to good content, we should also identify the ways in which streaming services have impacted our lives.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons. Ready? Action!

The pros

1. Cheaper than the talkies

Well, this one’s a no-brainer. The costs involved in watching a movie at home are far lesser than how much you’d spend if you were planning to catch it at the cinema hall.

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While there’s no denying the lasting impact of the big screen, going to the movies in today’s world is an expensive affair.

There’s the commute cost, then of course, the expense of buying tickets. Also, when you pass the food counter, you’re bound to spend some money on that popcorn that looks like it’s staring into your soul.

Now compare this to watching a movie at home – as long as your subscription is active, all you need to do is lounge on your couch and watch away.

If you’re hungry, you could just whip up a quick snack in the kitchen and settle down for the movie.

2. Subscription offers via credit cards

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While credit cards certainly offer a lot of freebies such as free movie tickets and booking discounts, they also cater to streaming service customers.

Top streaming sites like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix tie up with credit cards to give you the bang for the buck. Most credit card deals give you maximum viewership at a reasonable cost, so it can’t get better than that.

Don’t have a credit card? Click here to get one.

3. Watch at your convenience

One of the big advantages of watching a show or movie at home via a streaming service is that you can not only watch it whenever you want to or as many times as you want to, but also pause and resume as per your fancy.

The fluidity of time is a refreshing change from the understandably fixed showtimes at the cinema halls. With streaming services, the power is truly in your hands.

While the above pros are certainly enjoyable, we can’t ignore the cons that come with the streamer lifestyle. Read on!

The cons

1. Addictive

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How many of us have found ourselves unable to stop ourselves from watching successive episodes of a thrilling series as we have our minds blown by crafty cliff-hangers? Well, this is only natural.

However, 24×7 access to content via streaming services can easily suck you into a world of indulgence if you aren’t careful enough.

In a lockdown scenario, watching shows and movies is one of the only entertainment sources for most of us, so it’s easy to put all our eggs in this basket.

However, too much content can’t be good because you run the risk of losing track of time. Your inability to peel away from a gripping show can affect other parts of your life.

Also, unlike in a cinema hall, there’s nobody to usher you out after your movie’s done.

2. Physically strenuous

When we’re watching a movie at a theatre, our eyes are a safe distance away from the screen. However, at home, this cannot be guaranteed.

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Binge-watchers often feel the strain in their eyes after a movie marathon because they may have not maintained an optimal distance from the screen.

Your eyes aside, the streaming lifestyle can really turn you into a couch potato. Since it’s your call to watch for as long as you want, you can be easily tempted into sitting and watching stuff for hours, not realising how good or bad your posture is through all this time. 

Now, unless you consciously get up and walk around every now and then, you run the risk of straining your spine, because not all couches guarantee great support. Add this to bad posture and you’ll be inviting back aches in the future.

Well there you go, now as with anything else in life, enjoy the good, be aware of the bad and steer clear of it.

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