Razer’s new products are gamer-centric beverages meant to juice up mental power

If there’s one thing you can always trust Razer to do, it’s to cook up some surprising, left-field products. Today, the homegrown gaming hardware giant announced Respawn, Razer’s own “mental performance drink mix”, which is a fancy denomination for caffeinated flavoured water. 

Of course, this harks back to the time when the company jokingly announced Project Venom and Project Venom 2, both liquid solutions meant to turn users into hyper-skilled, juiced-up gaming beasts. 

Respawn, however, is no prank. The drink mixes are allegedly capable of keeping focus and attention at optimum levels for gamers slogging through long sessions. It comes in four sugar-free flavours too — pomegranate watermelon, blue raspberry, tropical pineapple, and green apple.

Respawn razer
Photo: Razer

The marketing for the beverage takes itself seriously too. Razer stated that its new products were developed over a few years of testing ‘em out with gaming influencers and professional esports athletes. The goal, said Razer, is to deliver alertness and focus without the sugar crash, and it seems that the formula has been optimised enough to make Respawn a standalone spin-off from the parent brand. 

No news about getting the products in the Singapore market for now (according to local Razer representatives), but they’re up for sale in the United States at US$24.99 per box of 20 single-serving sticks of drink mix. There’s even a Respawn insulated metal shaker cup for $29.99, but the truly hardcore gamers will know that the only way to fuel up is through Razer’s proprietary Mug Holder (with RGB lighting, of course).