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Razer enters PC component space with new case fan, AIO cooler and PSU

Razer enters PC component space with new case fan, AIO cooler and PSU
PHOTO: Razer

As part of its RazerCon announcements earlier today, the company is launching a series of PC desktop components: the Razer Kunai hydraulic fans, Razer PWM fan controller, the Razer Hanbo AIO ARGB liquid cooler, and the Razer Katana PSU.

The Kunai fans come in both 120mm and 140mm versions, with the former going up to a speed of 2,200RPM and the latter's up to 1,600RPM.

Razer touts some improved stats over competing products for the Kunai, stating that the fans have 70 per cent more static pressure while running 21 per cent quieter.

If you opt to stay in the Razer ecosystem, you can control the fans through Razer's own PWM controller, which allows the connection of up to eight fans. The Kunai can also be daisy-chained or controlled together.

Then there's the Razer Hanbo AIO liquid cooler, which also uses Kunai fans. It will come in 240mm and 360mm options, and has a rotatable and addressable ARGB magnetic pump cap that's made out of copper and plastic.

Finally, there's the Katana, a fully-modular ATX PSU available in 750W, 1200W and 1600W.

The 80 plus rating varies depending on the model you get, with a Platinum rating given to the 750W and 1200W varieties, while the 1600W model gets a Titanium rating.

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Pricing and availability

For the Kunai fans, the 120mm variant will go for S$69.00 for one fan and S$199.00 for a pack of three , and the 140mm variant will go for S$79.90, or S$229.00 for the pack of three. These are not cheap.

The PWM Controller is available for S$79.00. All are available for pre-order now, and will begin shipping from Oct 29.

The Hanbo AIO and Katana PSU will only be available next month and January 2022 respectively, however. Pricing will also be announced later.

This article was first published in hardwarezone.

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