Razer filed a record amount of 53 patents and design applications in Singapore last year

Razer filed a record amount of 53 patents and design applications in Singapore last year

Time and time again, homegrown tech company Razer has proven itself to be endearing to its legion of loyal fans worldwide, who’d go as far as to tattoo the firm’s iconic logo — or even the face of its charismatic CEO Min-Liang Tan — on themselves. 

But the company wouldn’t have arrived where it is now if not for its dedication to innovation. According to a press release, Razer has become the top tech brand with the most patents and design applications filed in Singapore. Last year alone saw Razer Singapore’s office file a record 53 patents and design applications, a 50 percent increase from the amount in 2017. 

As for its co-founder and CEO, Tan has been labelled as an inventor on 51 patent and design filings. 


“Razer’s rapid growth over the years has been fuelled by both the passion of the gaming community, as well as Razer's relentless drive to innovate,” enthused the company’s Chief Legal Officer Choo Wei-Pin.

“Singapore’s efficient and pro-business environment combined with its established legal infrastructure have benefited global companies like us and we are proud to be part of the nation’s charge to be a leading global (Intellectual Property) hub.” 

Currently, all of Razer’s intellectual property rights are filed in both USA and Singapore, but the company is seeking intellectual property protection in key markets like Europe and China. Which will be fun to monitor, considering China’s lax IP protection laws and Chinese knockoffs that can range from hilariously bad to pretty deceptive. Even fans have been tricked into buying counterfeit DeathAdder mice

Razer’s passion to innovate as much as possible is still impressive regardless of the company’s…  less than stellar reputation about quality. But to be fair to Razer, it has made some leaps and bounds in its customer service recently, with Laptop Mag finding the company’s tech support quality just a smidge below Apple's, arguably the best in the business. 

Aside from its flashy RGB gamer aesthetic, the firm’s also known for making intriguing products like a wireless gaming headset that rumbles your head, a mug holder with built-in proprietary Chroma lighting, a laptop prototype with three screens, and now, toasters

Editor's Note: Added extra comments about Razer's quality control. 


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