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Razer’s giving out surgical masks via vending machines, but you gotta sign up for Razer Pay first

Razer’s giving out surgical masks via vending machines, but you gotta sign up for Razer Pay first
PHOTO: Razer

Razer’s streak of goodwill continues. The gaming hardware company ⁠— known for slapping blinking multi-coloured lights on everything ⁠— has been making good on its promise to manufacture face masks in Singapore and donate millions of them worldwide amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

After Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang calmly refuted a Singaporean who accused him of not prioritising his fellow countrymen, the company now plans to sponsor surgical masks to Singaporean adults and residents through their newly established network of vending machines.

The company declares that its triple-layered, single-use face masks are designed for comfort and boast the highest standards of protection recommended by health authorities. 

It’s an ambitious project for sure — the company estimates that five million masks will be given out via its 20 vending machines to be deployed island-wide before the expected end of the circuit breaker on June 1. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Razer project without the inclusion of proprietary technology. Masks on the house? Sure, as long as you get onboard their Razer Pay e-wallet app.

To get the free mask, folks would have to download the Razer Pay app on their phones and sign up for an account. Once the account is verified, they will receive a digital coupon which can be scanned at a vending machine. 

Razer Pay’s verification system is fraud-free, the company proudly claimed, which would ensure that every verified Singapore resident will be issued a mask. The app would provide locations of the vending machines, so users can find the nearest one. 

Every Singapore resident aged 16 years and above is entitled to only one free mask though, but they’re free to purchase additional masks from the vending machines.

Since it’s strictly cashless, purchases have to be done via the Razer Pay app, which we imagine will be a tough sell to the less technologically-inclined. 

Meanwhile, Razer continues to pump out made-in-Singapore surgical masks through its fully-automated mask production line which is able to produce up to five million masks a month.

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