Razer Kraken headset saves 18-year-old gamer from stray bullet

Razer Kraken headset saves 18-year-old gamer from stray bullet
PHOTO: Geek Culture

Redditor Enough_Dance_956 of Torrance, California, USA was gaming on his Playstation at around 10.30am on March 31, 2022 when a stray 9mm bullet allegedly blasted through his home’s window, hit his Razer Kraken headset, bounced off the wall and landed on his bed.

After informing his parents who notified the police, the shaken-but-thankful redditor took to r/razer to express his appreciation to Razer for seemingly having saved his life.

His timing was unfortunately, uncanny, since it was posted on April 1. It made many wonder if it was a prank, which prompted him to post additional photos.

However, it seemed that Razer believed Enough_Dance_956’s story. They reached out to him and prepared a ‘care package’ to send to him. Even Razer’s CEO Tan Min-Liang commented on the thread, “Whoa – that’s crazy. Glad you’re OK!”.

The Razer Kraken survived the ‘shootout’ and is apparently still in working condition. Chalk one up for headsets in the headphones vs earbuds battle. If someone ever asks you why you prefer a headset, just tell them it can save your life.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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