Razer launches its first gaming chair, the Razer Iskur

Razer launches its first gaming chair, the Razer Iskur
PHOTO: Razer

Talk about coming full circle. Gaming chairs have been around for a while but its popularity shot up in 2014, when Singapore’s Secretlab brought down prices and sent them to homes across the island.

These days, everyone from Asus, Logitech and Osim have explored adding gaming chairs in their inventory and now, Singapore’s premiere gaming accessory company Razer is joining the fray with the Razer Iskur.

Revealed during RazerCon 2020, the Razer Iskur carries the company’s iconic green and black colour palette, to match the gaming aesthetics such chairs are known for but for all its sleek looks, it does look like one of the many gaming chairs in the market right now.

The exception, however, seems to be the focus on lower lumbar support afforded by an external support system. While most chairs in the market at present provide lower lumbar support in the form of a removable cushion, the Razer Iskur claims that theirs has 26 degrees of customization.

If you’re an owner of a gaming chair and have it in PU leather, here’s hoping that Razer recognises the effects of humidity on PU and has perfected the Iskur such that it won’t see the same fate of many similar chairs used in humid environments. Otherwise, the snake scale pattern seen on the lumbar support and seat will literally moult over time.

Priced at US$499.99 (S$749.90), it comes as no surprise that the Razer Iskur has placed itself higher on the pricing scale. Considering that in these times even Google themselves have opted for a more sane pricing strategy for their products, Razer may very well be buoyed by the fact that they’ve done pretty well revenue-wise so far in 2020 to make such a play.

The Razer Iskur is up against many other gaming chairs right now in the market. We have ASUS, Royale, APOL, Kane X, Herman Miller x Logitech G, Predator x OSIM, and of course, Secretlab.

Nonetheless, there certainly will be pockets of supporters to be found within the Razer camp who will buy this chair.

After all, it will definitely have the approval of their CEO Tan Min Liang who had previously encouraged his community to toss out their “gaming” chairs. With the CEO suffering from a slipped disc (which is no joking matter) himself, the Razer Iskur might very well the saviour many Min Liang and gamers have been looking for.


Does that mean that all Razer employees would also be looking forward to working in comfort in the near future as well?

The Razer Iskur is available for order now exclusively on Razer’s website.

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