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Samsung is set to reveal its bezel-less TV at CES 2020

Samsung is set to reveal its bezel-less TV at CES 2020

According to Korean tech portal The Elec, Samsung will unveil its bezel-less TV at CES 2020.

The company's consumer electronics head Kim Hyun Suk and two other senior executives have put their weights behind this new TV.

The new TV will feature a panel welded to the TV body to create a display that's free of bezels. Samsung plans to commence mass production of the bezel-less TV in February 2020.

This new series of TVs will only be available in sizes of 65-inch and above.

Other details like its display panel technology and price points were not revealed, but it's likely Samsung will pair its QLED 8K panel with this premium bezel-less TV series, and the bezel-less TVs won't come cheap.

Speaking of bezel-less displays, the Samsung Wall will give an idea of how the Samsung zero bezel TV will look like.

The former is a modular microLED display, whose size can be customised to suit the needs of the customer's requirements. You can check out The Wall Luxury that's available in Singapore.

For end consumer TVs, the Samsung Q900R 8K QLED TV is the most premium device on offer from the company now.

In Singapore, you are able to choose from five different screen sizes, i.e., 55-, 65-, 75-, 82- and 98-inch.

Check out our review of the 75-inch model, and watch this space for more developments for the Samsung bezel-less TV.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone

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