SCDF doctor shares insight from frontline of pandemic; internet thirsts for him instead

PHOTO: Facebook / Millennials of Singapore

Millennials of Singapore, a media company geared for Singapore’s millennials (go figure), recently chatted with a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) medical officer, a doctor by the name of Darren Choo. 

In a Facebook post yesterday (May 25), the young captain recounted the risks, fears, worries and optimism he had as a frontline worker since the Covid-19 outbreak. It’s been nerve-racking, to say the least, and according to him, there’s always a risk of getting infected every time he and his fellow frontliners remove their protective equipment. 

Ultimately, the man remains hopeful. Having interacted with appreciative patients and working closely with his colleagues in SCDF, Dr Choo expressed his gratitude in contributing “in [his] own way in the nation’s fight against Covid-19”. 

But how was his message of hope received? With thirsty comments. 

Raunchy folks — both in jest and in semi-seriousness — came out in droves for the young doctor and his good looks. Is it his jawline? Is it his uniform? Is it his forearms? Is it his humanitarianism? Heck knows, but the comments section of the Facebook post is now a treasure trove of impassioned declarations. 

It wouldn’t be the first time too that the internet suddenly fell in love with a uniformed essential worker. Back in 2016, a young auxiliary police officer at Changi Airport suddenly found online fame after his striking good looks caught everyone’s attention.

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