School supervisor's e-mail account hacked, spoof e-mails sent

E-mails supposedly from a staff member seeking donations have prompted Hai Sing Catholic School to release a statement on its Facebook page and school website last week.

In the statement, principal Daniel Ang said: "The school has received information on spoof e-mails circulating from Sister Maria's e-mail address, seeking donations and fund-raising for other unverified causes.

"Sister Maria and the school wish to state that these involve a case of hijacking of her e-mail and do not originate from Sister Maria's person (sic)."


Sister Maria Ng is the school supervisor and chairperson of its fund-raising sub-committee.

She is responsible for activities related to canvassing and appealing to donors in support of the school's building fund, the statement said.

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When contacted by The New Paper, Mr Ang declined to comment.

He would only confirm that an e-mail appealing for donations from Sister Maria's private e-mail account had been circulated.

The school was not mentioned in it.

In the school statement, Mr Ang clarified that all fund-raising activities for the school would be supported by an appeal letter on the school letterhead, or a leaflet.

He added: "For concerned parties who wish to verify whether an appeal for donations was made by the school, they can contact the school by phone at 65827864 or by e-mail at

"We hope that these malicious spoof e-mails do not discourage donors from supporting the school's fund-raising efforts."

This article was first published in The New Paper. Permission required for republication.