Shot of supremely buff SAF recruit strong-arms the internet's attention

Shot of supremely buff SAF recruit strong-arms the internet's attention

In something that kids today might call a “bruh moment”, the internet recently got highly enamoured over an image shared by the Singapore Armed Forces’ Basic Military Training Centre Facebook page from way back in July. 

Said picture simply consists of a young recruit by the name of Muhammad Imran in the midst of what seems to be a rifle inspection conducted by a commando officer.

Really, this would have just been a run-of-the-mill publicity picture by BMTC. But the moment proved to be a weirdly amusing one thanks to the pure swole stature of the recruit, who easily towers over the officer, throwing the power dynamics off-kilter. Understandably, Imran’s appropriately muscular since he’s a rugby player.


I mean, just look at the girth of Imran’s guns (his biceps, not the actual weapon). Dude could probably rip your wrist off in an arm-wrestling match — even the SAR 21 assault rifle looks like a damn toy in his hands. Seeing that it appears to be a rifle presentation ceremony (where the recruit is supposed to snatch the rifle out of the officer’s hands), arm-ripping looks like a real possibility. 

The mismatched physicality between recruit and officer was something that did not go unnoticed by the internet, and the witty comments have been streaming in since yesterday (Sept 5).

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