Show off your aesthetic with the new vibrant coral Nintendo Switch Lite

PHOTO: Twitter/NintendoAmerica

If you have been a big fan of the Nintendo Switch, you already know just how awesome it is to be able to play on the big screen as well as take it on the go. For some, the portable way is the only way, and with the Nintendo Switch Lite, it was the perfect solution.

Now, a brand new colour will be joining the family since the launch of the smaller console.

As announced by Nintendo, a new coral colour of the Nintendo Switch Lite will come to Japan in March, and the US on April 3, for US$199.99 (S$280). We can expect to see it in our region roughly around the same period. The hardware itself seems to remain unchanged and the new variation is just an aesthetic change.

This follows the unveiling of what could possibly be the best looking Nintendo Switch out there for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

As long as Nintendo continues to put out such gorgeous looking consoles, Switches will continue to fly off the shelves, and hopefully, the production and shipment will not be delayed by the rampaging COVID-19 virus.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.