This Singapore app wants your d*** pics - and with good reason too

This Singapore app wants your d***  pics - and with good reason too
PHOTO: HeHealth, Pexels

"Send nudes?"

This time around, how about swapping that trashy dating app conversation for a completely different one. The common denominator of d***  pics still remains, but hear us out.

Instead of sending your intimate pictures to whoever you're talking to, you can now upload them to an app and find out if you have any sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs).

That's right — a Singapore-based start-up HeHealth has created a mobile app to help penis-owners screen for penis problems.

As of this month, the app has run over 1,000 analyses, according to Mashable

If you're unsure of your little member's condition, all you have to do is snap a photo of it. Nothing too unfamiliar for some, right?

Now, here is the part where you've got to resist the urge to do something you'll regret. After taking that photo, go straight to the HeHealth app and it will identify any potential STDs for free via artificial intelligence technology. 

Besides STDs, the app's screening tool is also able to identify fungal infections and symptoms associated with penile cancer.

Of course, the app can only do so much. If you're concerned about any of the issues flagged, do visit a doctor. 

Overcoming barriers

Draw up a list of the most stigmatising issues in society today and genital problems are likely to be right up there.

In particular, penis health can be a rather (for the lack of a better word) sensitive topic of discussion. 

This is why HeHealth, founded by Dr Yudara Kularathne and former management consultant Lu Mei Ling, aims to provide answers for people who have doubts or questions about their penis and either don't know where to start or are too uncomfortable to seek help.

"One thing that has been a major barrier to care and access around the world has been stigma and it's also been the fear of going to see a doctor or clinic to find out what's happening around one's sexual health," HeHealth's behavioural lead Rayner Tan explains in one video.

What many of you might be wondering right now is the tiny matter of the privacy of your privates. 

Rest assured that HeHealth is completely anonymous, according to its website. 

No personal information is required when creating an account and the app does not collect personally identifiable information like name, mobile number and email.

HeHealth specifically mentions that the penis pictures sent for analysis will not be linked to any other identifying data.

On top of that, data encryption is enabled by default on the app. 

Long story short, you should be fine on the privacy front.

So get cracking, snap that d*** pic and get a health check-up while you're at it.

The app is free on both Android and iOS.

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