Singapore baker sells Among Us meringues with chilli-flavoured cookies as spicy imposters

PHOTO: Facebook/Meringuekind

Aside from Animal Crossing and Fall Guys, the other game that folks are playing together (from a safe distance) in this pandemic era is none other than Among Us, the indie smash-hit that has made us all question how much we truly know about our friends. 

Two years since its launch, the game enjoyed a popular resurgence in recent months thanks to prominent Twitch streamers. Combined with the simple gameplay, low system requirements (it's free to play on mobile) and the fact that it is a fun way to stay in touch while staying safe indoors made it a viral sensation. 

The social deduction game — where players work together to figure out the imposter among them — has now taken on a sweet, tasty twist thanks to a Singaporean baker. Home-based bakery Meringuekind is selling novelty meringue cookings in the theme of Among Us, and yes, you too can find imposters hiding among the titbits. 

How so? Customers can opt to have some meringues made with chilli powder in the tub, so victims can get their tastebuds murdered by imposter cookies. Murdered might be an overstatement though — Meringuekind noted that there’ll just be a mildly spicy aftertaste because paprika-based chilli powder is used instead of fiery chilli padi. 

Folks can even go full-on evil by having all pieces of meringue to be spicy imposters. Otherwise, the cookies are made with vanilla. But no matter which one gets picked, all meringues will have sweet fillings of chocolate chip or peanut butter chip inside.

Just like how it is in the game, additional accessories can be bought for an extra charge. 

You’d be surprised at just how embedded Among Us is in the mainstream consciousness these days. It’s gotten to the point that the Singapore Police Force and various government bodies have joined in the fun of posting Among Us-related memes as part of their public messages.