Singapore-set game Chinatown Detective Agency to feature local dishes in pixelated glory

Singapore-set game Chinatown Detective Agency to feature local dishes in pixelated glory
PHOTO: Twitter/genintco

It's no secret that Singaporeans love their food — so much so that they would go great lengths for them.

It's no wonder, then, that indie studio General Interactive Co. (GI) have decided to 'Singaporeanise' their game, Chinatown Detective Agency (CDA), a little further by incorporating Singapore's local cuisine in pixelated glory.

For the uninitiated, CDA is a game that will be set in 2032 "retro-futuristic" Singapore, where you'll be playing as a private detective Amira Darma, who just opened CDA in a world where the global economy is on the verge of collapse and governments are struggling to keep law and order.

Players will take Amira across the world in hot pursuit of criminals, leads, and objects of value. But they'll also have to manage the business at home, including paying bills, keeping the staff paid and upgrading the office. Think of it as a cyberpunk-ian Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego?

GI sent out a call on Reddit today (Dec 19) for Singaporean netizens to give suggestions for their next batch of pixel illustrations aside from their current artworks of three local dishes — laksa, chicken rice and fishball noodles. Food being such a big thing for Singaporeans in real life, it's only natural that the digital world of CDA has that too as a proper gaming mechanic.

Garnering upvotes and warm support, netizens were quick to join in the discussion.

Everyone just couldn't help themselves but share different types of local dishes they'd fancy seeing in the game.

"(The game is) a nod to my childhood and my current life as a resident of this electric Carrollian wonderland of a city," GI Creative Director Mark Fillon told AsiaOne back in September. 

According to Fillon, the game will be a whistle-stop tour of Singaporean lingo and references — from our distinctive Singlish patois to underrated museums, as well as unwritten rules of life around here. And now it seems, local cuisine too. 

CDA will be available on PC and Mac OS in Q4 2020. Those interest in staying updated on the game can check out their official websiteTwitter account and Steam page.

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