Singapore team bags top prize in League of Legends championship in Chongqing

Last weekend, while everyone was still trying to shake off the effects of their post-Christmastime drinking, our homegrown League of Legends team Animal Kingdom gave us yet another reason to uncork the whisky.

50,000 RMB (S$9,600) worth of it, to be exact.

Case in point, the 5-man squad captained by Dominic "Arykelic" Loh bagged the CMEL LoL Grand Finals held in Chongqing, China over the weekend, beating out the Guangdong-based Team ART in an intense see-saw battle of skill, strategy and reflex.

At the start, it appeared to be a toss-up, but eventually Team ART found themselves powerless against the ruthless onslaught brought on by Animal Kingdom, and the latter emerged victorious with a score of 2-1.

Unfortunately, we don't have the specific champion lineups for either team at this point in time, which is a real pity - we're as curious as the next guy to check out the kill-death ratios.

We'll update the story when more details float up. For now, we'll just make do with showing off our winners - they've earned it!


  • Captain/Mid-laner: Dominic "Arykelic" Loh
  • Top-laner: Wayne "BBTY" Chua
  • Jungle: Yeoh "FP Poppy" Tze Yong
  • ADC: Timothy "Ciela" Lim
  • Support: Jordan "Kusuo" Lum

Once again, we'd like to congratulate Animal Kingdom for their impressive achievement, at both the CMEL Finals and its precursor tournament at Esports Festival Asia, and wish them all the best for their future competitions.

GGWP and a Happy New Year to everyone!

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.