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Singapore tech sector workers get new workplace guidelines from Government

Singapore tech sector workers get new workplace guidelines from Government
New measures are to protect the health of staff as we hit another wave of Covid-19 infections.

Those working in the tech sector have updated the workplace safe management measures and requirements laid out for them by Tripartite partners Ministry of Manpower (MOM), National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF).

The workplace settings covered are for those who provide onsite IT services or support or manpower at customers’ premises, perform data centre operations, and those working in tech retail stores and e-commerce.

Some key measures for each group include:

Providing onsite IT services, support or manpower at customers’ premises

As far as possible, staff are to minimise physical meetings, onsite work and provide support and services remotely (e.g. over the phone, teleconference).

Measures to enable this could include reviewing the work processes, providing the necessary IT equipment and adopting solutions that enable remote working and IT support.

Where possible, assign dedicated support teams to customers, or groups of customers, to perform such services. There should not be cross deployment and interaction of teams or members servicing different customers or customer groups.

If cross-deployment cannot be avoided (e.g. insufficient employees with required skills), additional safeguards must be taken to minimise the risk of cross-infection (e.g. systems are in place to ensure no direct contact with the cross-deployed personnel) and put in place split teams for business continuity.

As far as possible, do not share machinery, tools or equipment across staff, teams or customers. If there are no options (e.g. public kiosks, specialised equipment, etc.) please ensure that these are regularly cleaned and disinfected before changing hands.

The sanitation and hygiene advisories disseminated by the National Environmental Agency (NEA) must be adhered to.

Keep records of employees and service providers, on shift and duty roster, and the customers and locations visited.

Data centre operations

Onsite data centre work needs to be minimised with staff being provided with the necessary IT equipment and adopting solutions that enable secure remote access to the relevant system or equipment.

Customers should be made aware of the technologies available that would allow them to manage their workloads remotely in a secure manner and suggesting to customers to test their ability to respond to events remotely before it becomes necessary to go on site.

Postponing all non-essential maintenance and projects. If the project must continue, organisations will need to coordinate with contractors to ensure all safe management measures are adopted by the subcontractors/vendors.

Tech Retail Stores and e-commerce

Companies should comply with the prevailing advisory for safe management measures jointly issued by ESG and other government agencies for retail establishments and lifestyle-related services; food & beverage and online retail delivery.

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This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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