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Snap launches AI tools for advanced augmented reality

Snap launches AI tools for advanced augmented reality
Snapchat logo is seen in this illustration taken July 28, 2022.
PHOTO: Reuters file

Snapchat owner Snap on Tuesday (June 18) launched its latest iteration of generative AI technology that will allow users to see more realistic special effects when using phone cameras to film themselves, as it seeks to stay ahead of social media rivals.

Snap has been a pioneer in the field of augmented reality (AR), which overlays computerised effects onto photos or videos of the real world. While the company remains much smaller than rival platforms like Meta it is betting that making more advanced and whimsical special effects, called lenses, will attract new users and advertisers to Snapchat.

AR developers are now able to create AI-powered lenses, and Snapchat users will be able to use them in their content, the company said.

Santa Monica, California-based Snap also announced an upgraded version of its developer programme called Lens Studio, which artists and developers can use to create AR features for Snapchat or other websites and apps.

Bobby Murphy, Snap's chief technology officer, said the enhanced Lens Studio would reduce the time it takes to create AR effects from weeks to hours and produce more complex work.

"What's fun for us is that these tools both stretch the creative space in which people can work, but they're also easy to use, so newcomers can build something unique very quickly," Murphy said in an interview.

Lens Studio now includes a new suite of generative AI tools, such as an AI assistant that can answer questions if a developer needs help. Another tool will allow artists to type a prompt and automatically generate a three-dimensional image that they can use for their AR lens, removing the need to develop a 3D model from scratch.

Earlier versions of AR technology have been capable only of simple effects, like placing a hat on a person's head in a video. Snap's advancements will now allow AR developers to create more realistic lenses, such as having the hat move seamlessly along with a person's head and match the lighting in the video, Murphy said.

Snap also has plans to create full body, rather than just facial, AR experiences such as generating a new outfit, which is currently very difficult to create, Murphy added.

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