Social media explodes with Cyberpunk 2077, now with 100 percent more Keanu Reeves

PHOTO: Youtube screengrab

Keanu Reeves’ delightful appearance may just be the best thing about E3 2019 so far, even though the week is far from over. Frankly, we all got a little bit pregnant when Keanu pointed at a fan in the crowd to return a compliment: “You’re breathtaking!”

Cyberpunk 2077 is based on the seminal pen-and-paper role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2020. The tabletop masterpiece was first published in 1988, and features a painstakingly detailed world of Netrunners, Rockerboys, Cops, and Corporates, all trying to get ahead in the dog-eat-dog streets of Night City. Fans of old-school cyberpunk legends like William Gibson and Neal Stephenson will probably be wary of CD Projekt Red’s take, which so far doesn’t seem as socially or culturally cutting-edge as the genre truly can be. But hey, Keanu!

In Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu’s character sports a Winter Soldier-style metal arm, obviously packed full of cyborg surprises. He plays Johnny Silverhand, a fast-talking Rocker who was once part of the famous Night City band, Samurai. Silverhand is an original Cyberpunk lore character in 2020 (with an epic feathery mullet), and in 2077, he’s shown as one of the protagonist’s childhood heroes.

Here are a few of the best reactions to Keanupunk 2077 on Twitter.







Even Twitch had a bit of a fan moment.