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Sony has updated the PlayStation 4's Remote Play so you can stream PS5 games on it

Sony has updated the PlayStation 4's Remote Play so you can stream PS5 games on it
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For many gamers, the first question that arises whenever a new-generation console comes out is "So what am I supposed to do with the old one?", and that's a perfectly valid concern.

In most of these cases, your old console or device is just going to be dead weight, although there's nothing stopping you from taking it out every once in a while for a little nostalgia trip.

That's going to be a little different with the PS4 and PS5 though.

With the latter set to release in about a week's time on Nov 19 (and about a month for Malaysia ) and bringing over many of its predecessor's best features, many gamers are preparing to bid tearful goodbyes to their PS4 as they're kept away in the storeroom or closet.

Accordingly, we're here to inform you that you don't have to do that, as Sony has tweaked the PS4's Remote Play feature to let you access your PS5 from another console , on top of the usual PC or mobile phone.


If you've put two and two together already, that's exactly what it sounds like - you'll be able to stream your PS5 games onto your PS4 console and play them. In fact, a PS5 Remote Play app has already been added to the PS4, delivering up to a 1080p stream from the new console to the old one.

Of course, it's not just limited to streaming games onto another console - the app still retains its other compatibilities with PC and mobile phones, although they will need to be rather beefy to be able to keep up.

The PC option in particular is worth taking for a spin, as it also offers a HDR option on top of the aforementioned 1080p stream quality.

In a nutshell, this little act of "tying up loose ends" by Sony is excellent news for us all, as it means we can still get lots of value out of our old consoles even with our new PS5 sitting pretty in our living room.

Perhaps I'll plug mine in next to my desktop setup - it'll certainly make reviewing the incoming medley of next-gen games a lot more convenient!

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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