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Starhub partners with NYP to showcase 5G industrial solutions

Starhub partners with NYP to showcase 5G industrial solutions

In a move to increase interest and awareness of the potential of 5G, Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) and StarHub have partnered to launch a new NYP-StarHub Application & Experience Centre for 5G (APEX 5G) today.

The APEX 5G Centre will see NYP, StarHub and various industry partners, such as Singapore General Hospital (SGH), Microsoft, STMicroelectronics, George Fischer, Senquire, Yitu, BHG Singapore and Avetics develop and implement use cases for 5G in Singapore.

NYP also plans to work with StarHub and industry partners to identify the skillsets in demand for young talents to ride this 5G wave and incorporate them into the curriculum of selected courses. Located at NYP's School of Engineering, the NYP-StarHub APEX 5G Centre is expected to see over a hundred students annually, training in 5G and related technologies and working on use cases spanning across industries.

NYP does not currently offer any courses or modules with 5G but said that reviews are carried out every 18 months and 2 years to determine what skills students of tomorrow will need and the courses are adjusted accordingly.

Peter Kaliaropoulos, Chief Executive of StarHub, said places like Apex 5G were needed to show the public what was possible with 5G. Without these use cases, Kaliaropoulos feared that is would be a long road to seeing the adoption of the technology in Singapore given the prevalence of fibre to the most buildings in the country.

One use case scenario

Singapore General Hospital is using digital technology in their Emergency Department (ED) to make the triaging more robust and to enable remote real-time monitoring of patients' vital signs and condition from the time the patients arrive and throughout their time at the ED.

This solution needs a large amount of data to be reliably transmitted from the field in real-time, to centralised servers with computing capacity large enough to run advanced AI algorithms. However, current data communication technologies are not able to support the large bandwidth, low latency, and high reliability of data transmission required.

NYP and SGH are collaborating to co-develop such a digital solution by leveraging the benefits of 5G connectivity, which is 100x faster, 1000x greater in bandwidth per unit area and is available 99.999 per cent for reliable and rapid data transmission.

StarHub and 5G


StarHub has been trying to get their 5G message out to Singaporeans recently by setting up four different experiential zones at their headquarters in Ubi to showcase what 5G will be able to do for them when it finally arrives.

The company also has their StarHub's 5G COW (Cellular-On-Wheels), which beams 5G signals to commercial OPPO phones and Nokia 5G Fixed Wireless Access devices.

StarHub says that the 5G COW is Singapore's first 5G base station on wheels that can be deployed to handle spikes in mobile usage at major events.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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