StarHub's new TV+ platform makes easier for viewers to pick up where they left

StarHub TV+.
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StarHub is consolidating pricing and plans across their Fibre TV and streaming platforms to give customers a single platform and subscription, whether they use the StarHub TV+ app, stream content over the Internet , or use the plug-and-play StarHub TV+ Box.

Going with the TV+ platform

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The box is now an optional extra as the new TV+ platform supports Chromecast although it is still available or rent by customers. Unlike the smart TV boxes of old, users won’t be able to record a programme for later viewing. There is, however, a new Time Shift TV function that they can use to watch the programmes within the last 24 hours for selected channels at no additional cost.

As this is done via the platform and no longer limited to the boxes, the content can be viewed on different devices and continued from wherever the user stopped.

Ready for new content?

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Over the past few years, subscribers have had to deal with the loss of several much-loved channels. Discovery and Disney have both pulled content from StarHub and this time round, Fox Movies , Fox Family Movies and Fox Action Movies are bidding bye-bye.

But there are replacements that include:

beIN SPORTS CONNECT : Accessible via multiple platforms on the website and mobile application, beIN SPORTS CONNECT provides access to major European football leagues and other sports competitions live and on-demand. Customers can immediately catch the ongoing Ligue 1 2020/21 season and the upcoming La Liga 2020/21 starting on Sept 12.

Now Baogu Movies on Demand : A new VOD channel from Hong Kong, Now Baogu Movies brings movies from film studios such as Edko Films, Huayi Brothers and Shine Focus. This channel is part of the Asian+ Pass and Asian Entertainment Pass.

Euronews : Only available on StarHub, Euronews keeps viewers up to date and informed of the latest happenings around the world 24/7. Euronews is part of the Entertainment+ Pass and English Entertainment Pass

Rugby Pass TV : Is a rugby focused channel curated by Sky New Zealand. and is available as an Add-on channel at $24.99/month (with GST) under the new StarHub TV+ Pass.

Key upcoming events featured on the Rugby Pass TV include the Round 7 Super Rugby Australia Finals, Heineken Cup and Champions Cup. Rugby Pass TV will be available for free preview from 16 September, 10am - 30 September, 12pm for all StarHub postpaid customers.

Pricing and Packaging

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Starting today, customers can sign up for a variety of StarHub TV+ Passes , each with different price points and savings.

StarHub TV+ subscription start with six Passes for Entertainment+ ($30 a month), Asian+ ($30 a month), Sports+ ($20 a month), Malay+ ($15 a month), Indian+ ($15 a month), and Filipino+ ($15 a month). For the first time, the Indian+ Pass also includes access to the Indian Premier League that used to be a separate package.

There are also add-on packs for more content ranging from $1 up to $15.

These six main Passes are accessible on any device and support continuation across devices so customers can switch between devices and continue instantly from where they have left off.

Customers can sign up for a 24-month contract under the Malay Pass for example for $15 a month for the two years.

They can also opt for a one-year contract where each Pass costs an extra $10. The Malay Pass for example would be $25 a month for the year.

There is also a no-contract option where the Pass costs S$20 extra. So, following our same example, the Malay Pass for example would be $35 a month .

As mentioned earlier, customers can still rent the StarHub TV+ set-top box at $5 a month , with a one-year commitment.

As a launch promotion, all recontracting customers can enjoy 12-months HBO Pak and free 12-months StarHub TV+ box rental , enjoying savings of $227 a year. The HBO Pak also comes with free access to the HBO GO streaming app.

There will be no additional charges moving from StarHub Entertainment or StarHub Basic Tier to the new StarHub TV+ plans.

For new customers, StarHub is launching a trial period of two months for them to experience the new StarHub TV+ and Passes. This will also include one-year access to the HBO Pak. StarHub says there will be no early termination charges within the trial period.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.