Taiwanese Pokemon Go uncle gaming bike now holds 64 smartphones

PHOTO: Geek Culture

Just earlier this year, we reported on Chen San Yuan, aka the Taiwanese Pokemon Go grandpa, and his evolved 52-phone set up. It has only been a few months since then but Chen's gaming rig has once again evolved, into one that strongly resembles a peacock's tail, with a whopping 64 smartphones attached to his bike.

Chen first went viral in 2018 after he was spotted catching Pokemon with 11 phones attached to his bike. It's been two years since and Chen's Pokemon catching rig has certainly evolved significantly.

According to Chen in a 2018 interview, he revealed that he is only playing the game to catch and upgrade rare Pokemon and rarely participates in battles or raids.

We're not sure if his reason for playing has changed over the years but much like how a peacock uses its tail feathers to attract attention from a potential mate, perhaps Chen's peacock-esque smartphone setup could help attract more rare Pokemons to come his way.

We wish Chen all the best on his Pokemon Go journey to become the very best, though we can't help but wonder if Chen will be sporting even more smartphones the next time we see him.

This article was first published in Geek Culture