Thai netizens slam British man caught punching a local for making him drop his iPhone 11

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

Look, we get it — your smartphone might as well be an electronic extension of your physical body. Still, it’s no reason to act like a roughneck yahoo when someone accidentally causes you to drop it on the ground. 

An unnecessary kerfuffle erupted in the cabin of a Metropolitan Rapid Transit (MRT) train in Bangkok on Monday (Jan 13), and it was all over an iPhone 11. 

In a viral clip uploaded on Facebook, netizens watched in disgust as a British man makes menacing strides in the cabin, repeatedly attempting to punch an apologetic Thai man who accidentally bumped into him, causing his phone to clatter on the floor. 

According to the woman who filmed the incident, the Thai man had carelessly walked into the cabin at Wat Mangkorn train station and bumped into the Brit, Daily Mail reported. Despite the Thai’s repeated apologies, the British man — of much taller stature than the other — lunged at him, managing to connect some punches. 

It took a few men to intervene in the commotion as the aggressive Brit remained dogged in his attempts to assault the frightened Thai, circling around the people who tried to break up the fight. 

The ruckus was bad enough for other commuters to move out of the way and only ended when the train stopped at Hua Lamphong station. 

Oh wait, it didn’t. The Briton continued to stalk the Thai man at the train platform, though not much is known about what happened afterwards. 

Since the footage went viral, Thai netizens have called for authorities to look into the incident and identify the aggressor. Some praised the man in the yellow shirt who put himself in between the two parties, while others believe that the British man should be more careful with his things and not be so materialistic. 

PHOTO: Facebook / Red Skull-addict