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Titanfall project was meant to expand Apex Legends single-player content

Titanfall project was meant to expand Apex Legends single-player content
Apex Legends' Rampart is shown in this picture.

Fresh off the latest reports stating that EA has cancelled an unannounced single-player title that was to take place in the Titanfall/Apex Legends universe, it seems that there was more to the story. Notable leaker Jeff Grubb has shared further, stating that the project was a single-player campaign that would be part of Apex Legends instead of just being a standalone project.

His sharing was done via the Giant Bomb Podcast, where he stated that sources told him that the cancelled Titanfall project was all part of an overall plan to expand the scope of Apex Legends.

“In two weeks from now, Apex Legends is going to get Team Deathmatch, and that was always part of a plan to turn Apex Legends into this platform where you could get all kinds of different shooter experiences from an expanded Apex Legends/Titanfall world,” Grubb explained.

The cancelled game, supposedly titled Titanfall Legends, was “always supposed to slot in as part of that [and] would be a single-player campaign inside of this platform, in the same way Call of Duty works where you get Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone is right there as well.”

In addition, details about Titanfall Legends would see Apex Legends‘ Rampart uncovering the chassis of Titanfall 2′s BT, with players stepping into the boots of Blisk and exploring the world with an upgradeable BT. The game would see the familiar trappings of wall-running, while plenty of other Apex Legends characters would make appearances.

“The thinking there was that more people have played Apex Legends than have ever heard of Titanfall, so they were really going to lean into that,” Grubb added.

“Titanfall Legends was not Titanfall 3, because, in a lot of people’s minds, I think Titanfall 3 was going to be a new, standalone game with a single-player campaign and multiplayer, and they could just never do that again after Apex Legends changed the calculus on all of those things”.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.
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