Top 5 wireless sound system for the ultimate home theatre setup

Wireless devices seem like the way to go in the 21st century and it is no wonder that many consumers are riding on the craze of convenience.

Cables and cords simply get in the way and having to deal with tangled cords is possibly the worst way to start your day.

After recently purchasing a new TV for my home theatre setup, it was only important that I got a quality sound system to complete the package.

Hence, I set my sight on wireless speakers that will make for an immersive cinematic experience.

Model Best for Price
Xiaomi Bluetooth TV Soundbar Value for money S$79.00
Sony HT-S100F Soundbar Value for money S$209.00
Creative Sound Blaster X Katana Gaming S$349.00
Harmon Kardon SoundSticks Wireless Gaming and Desktop setup S$259.90
Samsung HW-Q90R/XS Soundbar Sound quality S$2667.00
HT-X8500 Soundbar Multiple audio modes S$649.00

Best value for money

Xiaomi Bluetooth TV Soundbar, S$79.00

Beyond their smartphones and affordable Mi Home products, the Xiaomi Bluetooth TV Soundbar (Mi Soundbar) will be the newest addition to your home. It is well worth its price tag and adds that extra 'oomph' to your cinematic experience without breaking the bank. It comes in a classic and sleek white and grey mesh design which makes it hard to believe that the product costs less than a hundred dollars.

You will be able to connect the soundbar via Aux, line-in, optical or Bluetooth to your TV set. A tiny drawback to an otherwise perfect soundbar, the Mi Soundbar does not come with a remote which can be troublesome if you wish to adjust the volume and setting midway through your movie.

Sony HT-S100F Soundbar, S$209.00


Once you go black, you can never go back with the Sony HT-S100F Soundbar. Sony never fails with an elegant looking soundbar that delivers quality sound for a great and immersive experience. This soundbar by Sony has 2 sound-projecting channels and a bass reflex speaker which reverberates and avoids compromising on clarity.

Connect this device via HDMI, USB or Bluetooth to seamlessly stream your favourite music or your favourite movie. It is truly difficult to believe Sony's aesthetic and uncompromising soundbar comes at a lower price point as compared to other soundbars of the same standard. I think this is definitely worth the investment for your home theatre setup!

It is a gamer's game

Creative Sound BlasterX Katana, S$349.00

PHOTO: Creative Technology

Gaming soundbars are in a league of their own. If you love to project your game onto a TV, the addition of a soundbar could elevate your gaming experience by miles. The Creative Sound Blaster X Katana proves to be the ideal gaming soundbar with the BlasterX Acoustic Engine and Dolby Digital Decoding. With a precise and clear sound, you can easily hear the enemies sneaking up behind you and gain the upper hand in the game.

The fancy Aurora Reactive Lighting system features a series of 49 programmable LED lights under the soundbar. This makes your home theatre setup a visual spectacle as you gun for victory in every game you play!

Harmon Kardon SoundSticks Wireless, S$259.90

While the Harmon Kardon SoundSticks Wireless caters more for desktop setups, it is still a formidable addition to a home theatre system. With 40 watts of amplification that delivers a rich and crisp sound without compromising on the bass output, the SoundSticks Wireless lets you enjoy your movie in style. While it doesn't come with any flashy lightings, the classy transparent case will be the better option for the minimalistic homes.

The SoundSticks Wireless also comes with HARMAN TrueStream which allows you to connect to the speaker via Bluetooth. With the SoundSticks Wireless, you will be staying immersed in your video game world like never before.

For the Film Buffs

Samsung HW-Q90R/XS Soundbar, S$2667.00

The quality of sound should never be compromised for the ultimate movie experience at home. While it may be impossible to own cinema-grade speakers (unless you own a house from MTV Cribs), the Samsung HW-Q90R/XS Soundbar comes the closest to what you wish for. It comes with True 7.1.4ch Dolby Atmos® Sound which will bears an uncanny resemblance to the speakers you'll find in the cinemas.

This whole system comes in well over S$2600, which can be tough on your budget. However, if you've set your eyes on investing for an uncompromising and quality home theatre system, this is the one to get.

Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar, S$549.00

While this looks similar to the Sony HT-S100F, the HT-X8500 Soundbar has a significant difference in terms of sound quality and enhanced features. The Vertical Surround Engine that features Dolby Atmos® and DTS:X® offers the best sound quality even without subwoofers or satellite speakers.

Another unique feature is the different audio modes which allow you to customise the sound to the movie. Some examples include a 'cinema mode', 'music mode' and 'game mode'. This makes the HT-X8500 Soundbar a versatile device suitable for all your viewing experiences!

This article was first published in Shopback.