The Transformers roll out with Magic: The Gathering in upcoming Brothers' War expansion

The Transformers roll out with Magic: The Gathering in upcoming Brothers' War expansion
PHOTO: Hasbro

Transformers - More Than Meets The Eye, now, as a trading card game!

Even as the war on Dominaria rages on, Hasbro is taking the opportunity to weave another of their IPs into the mix. With the Transformers joining the world of Magic: The Gathering (MTG), this is yet another solid crossover we've seen from the company, following the Warhammer 40K commander release.

Featuring a suite of 15 cards, the Transformers are legendary artifact cards that tie in nicely with the upcoming Brothers' War Magic: The Gathering expansion. After all, the 'Brothers' here refer to Urza and Mishra who are two powerful sorcerers who fabricate and invent various artifacts in the MTG universe.

The Transformers cards have two new mechanics consisting of More Than Meets The Eye and Living Metal.

More Than Meets the Eye allows the Transformers to enter into their alternate mode. Whereas, Living Metal gives the Transformers the ability to crew themselves without having to pay a crew cost which is a rule in the world of MTG.

Each Transformers card has the normal look and also one that is in the Shatter Glass frame which is an alternate universe where Autobots are evil and the Deceptions are a force of good.

These cards are reminiscent of past releases which saw Godzilla and Dracula cards being offered as alternative styles for existing cards.

However, these Transformers MTG cards are all brand new card designs, plus they will be available in both set and collector boosters for The Brothers' War expansion making it easier for most folks to acquire them.

With a whole host of Transformers to tap on, we can expect many more such cards to enter the market. It won't surprise us at all if we see full on commander decks being made for Optimus Prime, Megatron and Voltron decks featuring the combiners.

If this isn't synergy from Hasbro, we don't know what else is.

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