Twitch breach reveals top earning channel - $12.2m paid to Dungeons & Dragons streamer

PHOTO: Unsplash

We knew that Critical Role, a group of amazing voice actors running an epic Dungeons & Dragons campaign, was successful. But, we didn’t expect it to be THIS successful.

With a recent Twitch hack, first reported by Video Games Chronicle, in which hackers obtained info such as:

  • The company’s source code
  • Info on all properties Twitch owns
  • A possible Steam competitor, Vapour, from Amazon Game Studios
  • Streamer payouts since 2019

The hack has since been confirmed by Twitch themselves –

Mind you, this is but only Twitch advertising payouts only and does not include other streams of income for the channel.

Here’s a list of the top streamers with data obtained from the hack (in USD), cumulative payouts since August 2019 –

  1. Critical Role – $9.6 million
  2. xQcOW – $8.4 million
  3. summit1g – $5.8 million
  4. Tfue – $5.2 million
  5. NICKMERCS – $5 million
  6. ludwig – $3.2 million
  7. TimTheTatman – $3.2 million
  8. Altoar – $3 million
  9. auronplay – $3 million
  10. LIRIK – $2.9 million

See any familiar names? Twitter user KnowSomething has compiled a list that also breaks down earnings by month as well –

This article was first published in Geek Culture.