Ubisoft insists Ghost Recon Breakpoint isn't out to make a political statement

PHOTO: Ubisoft

Ubisoft claims Ghost Recon Breakpoint isn't making a political statement.

The studio has been criticised in the past for not taking on certain issues in its games, and despite the themes in the newly announced titled the company has insisted its stance hasn't changed.

Lead developer Sebastien Le Prestre said: "We're creating a game here, we're not trying to make political statements in our games.

"We've rooted ourselves in reality, and you'll get what you get out of your playthrough — everybody will get something different out of their experience.

"The story might make you see different situations, but we're not trying to guide anybody or to make any sorts of statements. It's a 'What if?' scenario, it's Tom Clancy, it's purely fictional."

His comments come after it was revealed the Breakpoint story focuses on a Silicon Valley genius developing drones and advanced AI to save US lives and help humanity as a whole.

However, the tech giant and the drone army are hijacked by some rogue soldiers, with the company revealing in the game's announcement video that the drones assassinate an election candidate.

Despite this, the company has reiterated its position of being inspired by the real world but refusing to make a grand statement.

Community developer Laura Cordrey added: "[Ubisoft is] always inspired by what's happening around us, and it's always our goal to stay authentic ... but the story does remain fictional."