Video on how Singaporean saved doomed puppy from drain garners over 1.7m views worldwide

PHOTO: Instagram / @rosie.theposie

Rescued from the clutches of death in a drain in Singapore, a black mongrel found herself a legion of fans and well-wishers worldwide after her story of survival went viral on social media.

Rosie’s journey from being a half-dead puppy found in a ditch to becoming a happy healthy dog was shared on Tuesday (July 28) by The Dodo, the popular social media channel for inspirational animal stories. 

In April 2019, Oh Chin Ying had found Rosie, then a six-week-old puppy, struggling to stand up in a canal in Pasir Ris. With bad weather threatening to drown the critter, Oh took the puppy to the nearest veterinary clinic for a checkup. 

Diagnosed with a flurry of diseases, the emaciated dog was given a 40 per cent chance of survival — Oh mentioned that the vet had also warned him that the puppy could end up dead by the next day. 

But as Oh recounted to The Dodo, Rosie slowly started recuperating slowly and eventually managed to regain her ability to walk around on her own. He remains grateful to his friends and family who pitched in the funds to get the dog the treatment she needed.

“She had finally gotten enough energy to just show her real personality — which was a puppy that just wanted to play,” he said. 

A year since Oh found her, he produced a montage of the dog’s road to recovery, including footage of Rosie transitioning into a very energetic pupper, running around in the grass and playing with other dogs. 

A YEAR WITH ROSIE Exactly a year ago I found a 6-week-old puppy unable to get up in a canal in Pasir Ris. Carried...

Posted by Oh Chin Ying on Thursday, April 2, 2020

“One year on, Rosie is now the happiest doggo living her best life, loved by and loving everyone she’s met, and helping to colour every single day I get to spend with her,” Oh wrote. 

Rosie now has an Instagram account to call her own, filled with many happy pictures and videos — a total turnaround from how Oh first came across the dog in a dirty gutter.

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