What's No Nut November? Singapore Legal Advice has a PSA about it - and pornography

PHOTO: Unsplash / Aaron Burden

Everyone’s heard of No Shave November, but for those who frequent the warped fringes of the internet, this month holds another important commemoration. 

Yes, we’re talking about No Nut November, the meme-fuelled internet challenge that calls for men to go the whole month without ejaculating in any way. In internet parlance, no busting of nuts

There is absolutely no noble intention or inspiring purpose to this challenge, as the successful completion of No Nut November (there are rules) simply means that one has the willpower and mental fortitude to abstain from sexual activities.

But of all places to learn about this bizarre slice of internet culture, local legal portal Singapore Legal Advice made a rather educational post online about the challenge, complete with an important public service announcement about the legality of taking part in No Nut November here. 

You see, pornography is still allowed during the course of the challenge, though the bottom line is still no nutting allowed. Singapore Legal Advice kindly reminds people that watching porn is not illegal in Singapore, but it would still be illegal to possess or download pornographic materials, even if it were for personal use. 

Then there are other common-sense rules to abide, like no sharing of nudes online. And of course, no busting of nuts in public. 

Other than that, go nuts for No Nut November.