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World of Warcraft's new set of lo-fi music remixes are certainly amusing

World of Warcraft's new set of lo-fi music remixes are certainly amusing
PHOTO: Blizzard Entertainment

For many of us, listening to music while we work, study, or play is like having a tiny, portable piece of heaven at our beck and call.

No longer do we need gramophones or clunky CD players like our parents did - all we have to do nowadays is plug in a set of headphones and select what we want to listen to.

Of course, different occasions call for different playlists, and for those of us studying, there's always the quintessential "Lo-Fi hip-hop mix" on YouTube.

It's gotten over 42 million views since it was posted in 2018. and has become so iconic that even its accompanying image, which is drawn in a style reminiscent of Studio Ghibli films has become synonymous with the concept of studying as well.

Anyway, it seems the folks over at Blizzard Entertainment have decided to do up something similar, only theirs is inspired by the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion.

The four-part compilation, which you can already find on their official YouTube channel features a variety of orchestral arrangements and boss themes which have been remixed into a Lo-Fi format by prominent artists from the scene, such as Casiio and Eevee.

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As the cherry on top, they've even got matching images to go with it, like the Ardenweald-inspired one below.


Truth be told, the audio tracks are actually pretty darn hypnotic in a way, and it's an interesting concept as a whole since it's completely different from the usual soundtrack remixes we're used to.

What makes it even better is that WoW's audio is arguably one of the game's biggest appeals, and now you can chill out to them in a format that's perfect for grinding out your grades as well as your in-game levels!

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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