Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Singapore drops to $13.99 per month from April

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We’re said before back in 2020 that the Xbox Game Pass is the “Netflix for Video Games” and it still remains as such till now. Wondering how the Xbox Game Pass compares to PlayStation Plus and which one gives better value over there other? We’ve got you sorted.

The good news is, starting from April 1, 2022, the prices of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold in Singapore will be reduced up to 33 per cent. This is thanks to Microsoft regularly evaluating the prices of Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold at a local level to best serve customers in each country. This means the Ultimate Plan (for gaming on console and PC) will be down to $13.99 per month, from the original $19.99.

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Not only confined to the Xbox console, the Xbox Game Pass is a gaming subscription service that gives subscribers access to over 100 solid titles for only $1 in the first month. Think of it like a cable or Netflix subscription where one price brings you a huge selection of games to play.

Sure the service does revert back to $13.99 (for the Ultimate Plan) in the subsequent months but the value still remains the same even at the highest-paid tier. If you are for the PC Master Race, the monthly price is $9.99 a month. Best of all, both plans include Electronic Arts (EA) Play – the complete library of EA’s latest games.

PHOTO: Twitter/XboxGamePassPC

Here are the full price change details for the various Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold subscriptions starting from April 1, 2022:

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