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Xiaomi CEO goes on Twitter to unveil Xiaomi Smart Glasses

Xiaomi CEO goes on Twitter to unveil Xiaomi Smart Glasses
Xiaomi Smart Glasses.
PHOTO: Xiaomi.

Earlier today (Sept 14, 2021), Lei Jun, co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi posted about a new Xiaomi wearable on his Twitter feed (@leijun). For reference:


The Xiaomi Smart Glasses utilise MicroLED imaging technology, allowing the eyewear to use a tiny 0.13-inch display with various magnification techniques and optical waveguiding to display its content on the lens.

According to Xiaomi’s blog post about its new wearable, Xiaomi Smart Glasses do not necessarily function as a “second screen” for phones. It’s designed as an independent smart wearable device, with functionalities like call and notification display, navigation, photo-taking (with its built-in 5MP camera), teleprompter cues, and real-time text or photo translation.

More crucial is Xiaomi’s research into “interaction logic” for regular use of the smart glasses - ensuring that the smart glasses do not disrupt “ordinary use” and displays key information “in a timely manner”. To achieve this, the Xiaomi Smart Glasses pack a voice-enabled assistant called XiaoAi AI Assistant.

The glasses use an unnamed quad-core ARM processor, and it runs on Android. Connectivity options are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Xiaomi did not share when the smart eyewear will hit retail, nor did it provide an estimated price for the gadget yet.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.

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