Yale-NUS student posts on Instagram about being blessed by appearance of otter family on campus

PHOTO: Instagram / @miguel_ochosa

A Yale-NUS college student had his day blessed with some zoological intervention — a family of otters running right past him. 

Miguel Ochosa posted on Instagram on Tuesday (July 14) a clip of his chance encounter with six smooth-coated otters trotting across the National University of Singapore’s University Town campus grounds before disappearing into some shrubbery. 

“Was honestly having a hecking stressful day…” he wrote as a caption to his video. 

All that stress presumably dissipated, judging from his incredulous exclamations seeing the otter family dashing past him. “Excuse my voice-over and bad video panning but enjoy the cute otters,” he noted.

Funnily enough, Dr Philip Johns, a biologist and lecturer at Yale-NUS college, had created an app called Otter Spotters for users to report sightings of the urban otters. 

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Posted by Yale-NUS College on Friday, March 20, 2020

Though the cute critters have generally sparked joy for members of the public, they’ve been a source of displeasure for some owners of expensive pet fishes — especially the ones who have outdoor ponds where otters can dive into and have a wild feast.