You can now nurture your own Pikachu from an adorable furball

PHOTO: Twitter/pikachu_pcn

“Gotta catch em all!” is the common rhetoric when you think of obtaining a new Pokémon. But now, you can even raise your own adorable companion with these fuzzy WHO are YOU? Pikachu stuffed toys.

The toy-line comes from Sega (surprise surprise). Right out of the packaging is a mysterious furball with a secret companion inside. Though, with its iconic patterns, it’s not hard to guess who the newest character in their lineups.


In order to reveal Pikachu’s true form, the furball will have to be carefully washed and taken care of. The mystery lies in which of the three expressions, grinning, winking or mouth-wide-open-and-eyes-shut smile, will be found on the cute electric-type’s face.

In addition, the winking face is the only female appearance in the lineup and will feature a tail ending with a heart shape.


Your WHO are YOU? Pikachu plushie will reward you for taking good care of it with two of three of these five berries: Pecha Berries, Sitrus Berries, Oran Berries, Pomeg Berries or Lum Berries. The berries will be found clasp between their tiny paws. You will even be bestowed with a Best Friend Certificate and a scarf with charm.

WHO are YOU? Pikachu will go for 3,800 JPY ($48.81) each. You can head on over to Sega’s website to find out more and get your own furry companion today!

This article was first published in Geek Culture.